Trials and Tribulations of a Backwards Knitter

I am a very begining knitter, just exploring the marvelous world of knitting. This knit blog was made so that I can record my progress as I hurl myself headlong into knitting. I live on a ranch in Oregon with four horses, three dogs, four cats, a miniature donkey, and temporarily five kittens and their mom. Oh, and I recently realized that I was a combination knitter... uh oh.

Monday, May 15, 2006

moving out is hard to do

It's astounding how much crap one can collect in just one school year of living in a place. I haven't had any time to knit after the baby blocks were finished. On the plus side I am reading Dracula, which is awesome. Speaking of reading, I would love to take part in knit the classics, but I knit and read so slowly that I don't think I could do both at once, and blog about it, and shower. There just wouldn't be time in the day. Well, I'm going to go pack more books into more boxes now. sigh.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

people are stupid

I started Nautie from the spring/summer Knitty, but I can't find two of my dpns, so I'm left with a little nub of i cord shell. In other news a young girl assaulted me yesterday and attempted to mug me in broad daylight on a fairly busy road. It was not fun, and though I'm not seriously injured it's still a little disturbing and it's messing up my sleep.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Baby Blocks are Finally Finished!!!

I gave Chemistry Baby Blocks to my proffessor this morning and he liked them so much. I really hope his wife Anne Marie likes them too and I really hope the baby loves chemistry. I'm sad I didn't get pictures of the process of making them, but I really had no time.

So without further ado here they are:
here they are stacked.

here are the blocks scattered about, so you can see them a little more.

here is my favorite piece of embroidery, the chlorine and gold block.

So as I was seaming these at 3:30am, I told myself that I wouldn't do anything with so much seaming, finishing and so many colors in the near future, but the carosel horse pattern from Interweave is looking mighty fun. I could justify it to myself by telling myself that it would teach me new skills like short rows and felting. Maybe I could be super ambitious and make it a pinto, with intarsia spots. Ummm, or maybe I could keep my sanity. Anyway, I'm so proud of the baby blocks, and I think they turned out really well. That's all for now. Now I have to figure out what to knit next.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Conference Week

I picked a really lame time to start this blog. I have a ten page paper about Autism that was due a million years ago, but that I feel I must finish by Thursday, so that I don't have to hand it in via e-mail. I also am working on a knit set of letter blocks for my chemistry professor's baby girl who could be born any day now. I really want to give those to him on Thursday in class so I can avoid an awkward out of class interraction. The class is only four people anyway, so it's not like I'm protected from the great awkwardness by a ton of formaility, but at least there would be some. There are three blocks. Each of the tops and bottoms are done in seed stitch and the sides are done in stockinete. On each side square there is a chemical element symbol. One is HONO, because that's a compound he is studying now, and one is Ytrium, because he did his grad work on it. His wife is so awesome. I hope they bring the baby in all the time next year. I also hope they like the blocks. I know the baby will, because babies love anything bright and squishy that, when they are strong enough, they can throw at their parents. It's crazy how many of the science faculty at my school are having babies. It's good I've only taken classes with one of them or else I'd be knitting all sorts of baby crap, and it's a little harder to tie, say, neurobiology to knitted baby items. Though I could knit a squishy brain...
My mom and Sue went to pick up five kittens and their mom, who we will be fostering until they reach two pounds. I'm so excited. I'm also I have a bunch of colors of sugar and cream left. Knit cat toys anyone?

Monday, May 08, 2006

knitting, as life, is filled with lessons

One lesson about knitting I learned today is that upholstery needles, like their sharper counterparts, are very easy to lose. I just hope it's not in my bed.

Hello World

Welcome to my newly created knitting blog. I guess I'm saying that as much to myself as to everyone else. I hope that in time people will read my blog and share their comments, advice and their own stories. For now I'm blogging mostly to record my own progress as a beginning knitter. A good time will be had by all.