Trials and Tribulations of a Backwards Knitter

I am a very begining knitter, just exploring the marvelous world of knitting. This knit blog was made so that I can record my progress as I hurl myself headlong into knitting. I live on a ranch in Oregon with four horses, three dogs, four cats, a miniature donkey, and temporarily five kittens and their mom. Oh, and I recently realized that I was a combination knitter... uh oh.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Conference Week

I picked a really lame time to start this blog. I have a ten page paper about Autism that was due a million years ago, but that I feel I must finish by Thursday, so that I don't have to hand it in via e-mail. I also am working on a knit set of letter blocks for my chemistry professor's baby girl who could be born any day now. I really want to give those to him on Thursday in class so I can avoid an awkward out of class interraction. The class is only four people anyway, so it's not like I'm protected from the great awkwardness by a ton of formaility, but at least there would be some. There are three blocks. Each of the tops and bottoms are done in seed stitch and the sides are done in stockinete. On each side square there is a chemical element symbol. One is HONO, because that's a compound he is studying now, and one is Ytrium, because he did his grad work on it. His wife is so awesome. I hope they bring the baby in all the time next year. I also hope they like the blocks. I know the baby will, because babies love anything bright and squishy that, when they are strong enough, they can throw at their parents. It's crazy how many of the science faculty at my school are having babies. It's good I've only taken classes with one of them or else I'd be knitting all sorts of baby crap, and it's a little harder to tie, say, neurobiology to knitted baby items. Though I could knit a squishy brain...
My mom and Sue went to pick up five kittens and their mom, who we will be fostering until they reach two pounds. I'm so excited. I'm also I have a bunch of colors of sugar and cream left. Knit cat toys anyone?


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