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I am a very begining knitter, just exploring the marvelous world of knitting. This knit blog was made so that I can record my progress as I hurl myself headlong into knitting. I live on a ranch in Oregon with four horses, three dogs, four cats, a miniature donkey, and temporarily five kittens and their mom. Oh, and I recently realized that I was a combination knitter... uh oh.

Monday, May 15, 2006

moving out is hard to do

It's astounding how much crap one can collect in just one school year of living in a place. I haven't had any time to knit after the baby blocks were finished. On the plus side I am reading Dracula, which is awesome. Speaking of reading, I would love to take part in knit the classics, but I knit and read so slowly that I don't think I could do both at once, and blog about it, and shower. There just wouldn't be time in the day. Well, I'm going to go pack more books into more boxes now. sigh.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Karin said...

I hate moving. I'm just about to start the process myself. This time around I'm hiring movers!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger head of the table said...

I am also in the middle of moving. It really is amazing how much stuff there is. Including the three boxes of yarn I taped shut this morning in hopes that it would keep my hands from temptation.


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